Magformers Mastercraft Megaset

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Magformers Mastercraft Megaset


NEW! FOR 2023

This is the ultimate Magformers play set, with a mammoth 162-pieces comprised of 96 magnetic pieces in 17 different shapes, PLUS a whole host of fun accessories.

With this wonderful magnetic construction tiles toy, children are transported to world of creativity where they can make animals, fruits, dinosaurs, buildings, cars, spaceships, trains, ships, houses, robots, palaces, diggers, cranes…in fact absolutely anything that takes their fancy.

If your child has enjoyed playing with our smaller sets before, then this set makes an incredible birthday or Christmas present as it is jam-packed with different shapes. Not only can kids make fun models, but their maths learning develops too by using the shapes to make all manner of 2D nets and 3D geometric polyhedra models from simple cubes to prisms and even Platonic Solids!

Magnetic Shapes
16 triangles, 39 squares, 2 pentagons, 2 hexagons, 8 isosceles triangles, 2 super rectangles, 2 trapezoids, 2 diamonds, 2 arches, 4 sectors, 2 oval arches, 4 oval sectors, 2 semi-circles, 2 half-arches, 1 window square, 2 squares with seats.

14 brick wall plates, 4 log wall plates, 1 ladder, 3 log windows, 6 windows, 2 pillars, 1 roof window, 2 mini towers, 1 mini stairs, 4 jungle trees, 4 rock squares, 4 jewel squares, 4 wheel sets, 1 crane arm, 1 driver seat, 1 siren/lights, 1 mini slide, 1 car, 2 chairs, 1 table, 2 mini figures, 1 monkey character, 1 mini hat, 1 mini helmet, 4 picture blocks.


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